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- Functionalization of nanotubes
- Organiic synthesis
- Polyelectrolytes
- TEM imaging

Environmental chemistry:

- Analysis of pollutants
- Purification methods
- Soil and water samples


Research Areas

- Toxicology
- Energy Sciences
- Pollution dynamics
- Water pollution circulation
- Life cycle of pollutants
- Heavy Metals
- Molecular interactions
- Environmental remediation
- Waste management
- Exotic Materials



Fjordforsk A.S. Midtun, 6894 Vangsnes, Norway. 911659654 |


Quantum Chemistry

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Fjordforsk is a member of the American Chemical Society. Please visit the society following the logo below.

Ongoing programs



Industrial Doctorate program in Environmental Chemistry at Uppsala University.

Dr. Phil. program in Mathematics at University of Oslo.

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